Thursday, August 30, 2012

14 young people from 8 different countries : Ukraine, France, Serbia, Italy, Turkey, Holland, Germany volunteered for 2 amazing weeks in Belguim. This project is part of our 30th birthday celebrations!!

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Monday, August 27, 2012

During the weekend Alliance volunteers have arrived to Netherlands and Turkey to help with  gardening and landscaping in public parks and nature reserves.

Turkey:  30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP+Buyuksehir/Mersin    24.8.-8.9.2012   
During this years camp volunteers will take part in the renovation of public parks and in addition to that some practical environmental work like gardening and landscaping will be done. Our partner is Mersin Metropolitan Municipality. We've been cooperating for the last 10 years.
See the project location on the map.

Netherlands:  30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP -State Forestry - Oudemolen    25.8.-8.9.2012   
The cooperation with Dutch State Forestry, commissioned by the Dutch government to manage a large part of the nature reserves in the Netherlands, has been taking place since several years and they are always very supportive and explain the importance of the work in great detail. The area ‘Drentsche Aa’ offers a various landscape of woods, heath land and meadows together with old villages. It is a perfect area to walk through so you can see the various landscapes. Volunteers will help with different activities like; cutting, dredging, pilling up the paths and haymaking.
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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alliance volunteers will be busy renovating and working on an organic farm 
30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Vévy Wéron Farm - Wépion, Belgium, 18.8.-1.9.2012

Vévy Wéron farm is a square farm surrounded by grassland, streams, orchards, ponds and organic cultures. For 25 years, a great community life of 40 people has developed. Everyone in the community are willing to create a friendly and organic place to live. The community chose to live following rules of conduct; respect for the environment; conflict management; mutual aid and the joy of living together,...
Volunteers will be involved in renovating a building of the farm, in order to create a public workshop for different types of crafts: insulation - floor - wooden construction. Some volunteers may also help to the others daily farm’s activities : vegetables growing, goat’s cheese, bakery.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP SAND PATH, Spain, 17.8.-31.8. 2012

A group of 10 international volunteers will be spending two weeks reconstructing ancient paths to connect two villages Sierra Norte - El Cuadro. Volunteers will be walking and cycyling step by step cleaning and painting the wooden fence.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others"

10 big hearted international volunteers are on their way to Japan today to show their commitment and passion to work with children and make a difference. 
30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Kita-kyushu, Japan, 15.8.-28.08.2012

Organized together with a local group formed for this project since 2007. Every year, they run a summer vacation kids program with 30 kids aged 8-15 years of age. They play, cook and live in nature as they learn independence, sensitivity, group cooperation, and a global understanding and interest in different cultures. Volunteers will help out and live together with kids in the Kids Village supporting activities and sharing your culture. We will encourage the kid’s independence and creativity by letting them plan the schedule and respect their ideas!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We have 5 Alliance Anniversary Camps running at the moment in Armenia, Poland, Germany, Russia and Scotland. 

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - REHABILITATION CENTRE, Armenia, 10.8.-24.8.2012
The aim of this camp is to organize the leisure time of children with motor-system infringement and cardio-vascular system diseases - volunteers come together with children to draw, sculpture, sing and dance, do physical training, play games. At the end of the camp volunteers and children will organize a farewell party. Volunteers will bring along a lot of ideas, spirit, love, warmth, kindness and make the stay of these children in this Center a great holiday. They make these children feel that they are needed, full-valued and help them to open their talents and abilities.
Volunteers will also do some environmental work: maintaining the territory, cleaning children’s playground from weeds and grass, painting and some renovation work.     

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - WIELISZEW, Poland, 11.8.-25.08.2012

Volunteers will be cleaning banks of river Narew, tourist paths and the Wieliszewskie Legi Nature Reserve. They will also help in setting up the Sailor Songs Music Festival which takes place on 18-19 August, and will also clean after the event. During the festival volunteers will have a chance to create and show their own performance to the audience as well as to organize various activities for kids on the beach of the Zegrzynski Lake.  

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Potsdam, Germany, 12.08.-26.08.2012

The Students Cultural Centre ( KuZe ) in the north-east of Germany is going to invite a workcamp for the first time. The Students Cultural Centre is a part of students self-administration for more than six years. The Centre contains a small court including a pub, a small theatre area, seminar and office rooms, exhibition spaces as well as studios for artists and musicians. The Centre usually remains closed in august in order to run necessary renovation works together with local volunteers. Volunteers will help running important renovation works in the court, e.g. painting walls, woodwork and some small repairs. The other part of the project will be to create an own public art-exhibition in the Cultural Centre which will be opened at the last weekend of the camp and stay there for another two weeks.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - JUMP TO ENGLISH, Russia, 12.8.-25.08.2012

Volunteers will teach students from colleges and universities in Kirov to speak English language through interesting forms of learning, such as theater performance, role-playing games, learning songs. Also, volunteers will give presentations of their countries, cultures and languages. Kirov, formerly known as Vyatka and Khlynov, is a city in northeast European Russia, on the Viatka river. It is a big industrial Russian city. The generally accepted date of the city’s foundation is 1374. 

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - GOVAN TOGETHER, Scotland, 12.8.-26.8.2012 

Govan is an area of Glasgow that has a long history i from the Vikings all the way up to the heavy industry and ship-building of the 20th Century. It is an area that has a very strong community spirit i and lots of organisations working to make the area better.
The volunteers will be involved with 3 organisations in Govan. This project will be about the volunteers getting involved with the community as a whole, contributing to different organisations in the area and making a film to record their experiences. This project is perfect for volunteers who want to get to meet a lot of people and know a community and benefit from different volunteering experiences. 1) The first organisation is called Fablevision and uses film-making and the arts to explore issues and opportunities in the community. The volunteers will get training in film-making from Fablevision and help with the editing of the final film. 2) The second organisation is Govan and Craigton Integration Network (GCIN). They work with refugees and asylum seekers and the wider community to support and improve people s lives. The volunteers will assist with GCIN s social work and events. 3) LEGup are a community garden group in Govan i who are renovating under-used sites in Govan for urban growing. The volunteers will be helping improve the community garden and the sites LEGup are working on.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Today is our 32nd Alliance Anniversary Workcamp and the 3rd from UNAREC in France – Keep up the great work!!! 

 Since summer 2002, workcamps have begun to protect the Montaigu-le-Blin’s castle – which has been listed as a Historical Monument. Thanks to your involvement, we would like to stop the damages caused by bad weather and vegetation, and eventually, give back to the castle the important part it used to play (openings to the public, guided tours, heritage linked activities…).
Volunteers  will focus on restoring a part of the higher courtyard : masonry to repair a wall going over a staircase, to make a part of it safe, clearing two staircases (clearing off the vegetation, cleaning the steps); construction and setting up of wooden fences; clearing of two small ruins.

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Tomorrow sees the start of our biggest 30th Alliance Anniversary camp, with 27 volunteers arriving in Vietnam. World Heritage and environmental issues are a big focus for this camp. 


UNESCO World Heritage
The project aims at connecting people in social activities especially focusing on World Heritage and environmental issues. I will attract the concerns of people about the World Heritage and promote the precious roles of community in protecting and improving the site. Information about how other countries promote, protect and preserve their World Heritage and their best practices will be disseminated to local residents and youth.
The international volunteers and national volunteers will organise workshops in local high schools in Ha Long about world heritage and climate change and join with local youth for cleaning up activities at the beach and on the bay.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

It is not only the Olympics that are in full flow, as we have already seen 27 organisations take part in the 30th Alliance Anniversary Campaign and we have 3 new projects starting this weekend :) Gold for volunteeing!!

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - We are EcoFriendly, Russia, 30.7.-16.8.2012 

The workcamp is organized in order to develop volunteers’ initiatives; to share volunteers’ experience among participants from different countries; to promote intercultural dialog and mutual understanding. During the workcamp volunteers will share their experience; discuss actual youth problems, plan mutual volunteers’ activities, participate in ecological projects, learn culture of Russia and culture of each other.
Volunteers will develop park and yard areas, hold workshops to local children about recycling and reuse of trash, about healthy lifestyle. As well there’ll be round table, where we are going to speak about participants’ volunteer experience and how voluntary services are developed in their countries.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - RE-CREATOR, South Korea, 6.8.-18.8.2012 

The project is held in cooperation with re-cycling designer. The designer re-creates the work from Ugarbage  from our daily life such as furniture, book, toys, and clothes. The artist runs the workshop to promote the value of recycling and creation. The material gets new usages after his works in the end. Volunteers will be trained to use various tools and daily garbage. They will try to create new creation with their own ideas. Then we have exhibition in the street to promote the value of recycling. Participants will also renovate the workshop place (old school building).

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Miradors for animal observation - Chevetogne Belgium, 6.8.-18.8.2012

Le Domaine provincial de Chevetogne is a big centre for environmental education and social tourism. There is a huge park situated on 550 acres and a modest castle =).
Pupils from primary and secondary schools come there to participate in activities that focus on discovering the nature and rural way of life. During the summer, many kids and families make a one-day excursion to the Domaine or stay there for holidays to do sports, picnics, observe nature.
Motivated and professional staff from Le Domaine de Chevetogne hopes to share their passion for the environment with international volunteers.
Volunteers will assist in the planning of a trail in a protected area of the domain: building a stairs
& an observation area, prune some branches, maintenance of construction of older Workcamps.