Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you know what CBF France, COCAT Catalunya and IBG Germany have in common?

Their Alliance Anniversary workcamps start this weekend!

What will exactly happen and where?
Read about the projects below and don't forget to check the map.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP @ Mettray, France will welcome 14 international volunteers tomorrow, June 30th.
The ‘Youth village’ in Mettray is a former penal colony, formally known as ‘La Paternelle’. Created in the 19th century, it is now a medical and professional institute which hosts up to one hundred young people. This place is classified as a historical monument. International workcamps have been organised at this place in the past. Volunteers will follow the renovation work along with local young people who are facing difficulties or handicap. It’s necessary to know that you will work and spend free time with the young people (15-17 years old) from the institute.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - THE RIVER IN THE CITY
takes place from 1.7.to15.7.2012 in the Delta of Llobregat, Spain, with the objective to conserve and improve the natural spaces of the Llobregat river and the natural reserve of Remolar Filipines. Both areas are managed by the Consorci per la Protecció dels Espais Naturals del Parc Fluvial del riu Ripoll.
Volunteers' work will be:
1. Interventions with the aim to improve the environmental state of the natural areas of the Delta. 
2. Collaboration on the projects of conservation and management of flora and fauna of the Natural Areas of the Delta. 
3. Environmental awareness actions  about the importance of wetlands and agricultural spaces as environmental specially vulnerable areas.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Kohlberg  (Bavaria)  will welcome 15 volunteers from 23.7.2012.
This project takes place in cooperation with the municipality of Kohlberg. It is the first time they invite an international workcamp to help with the construction of a local playground.
The construction includes tasks such as putting up wooden play scheme equipments, plastering the ground, putting up seats and benches and carrying out general improvements. Volunteers will support all these working processes and your work will be supervised by a professional gardener. Besides, some painting tasks on local soccer field are waiting for the group.

Dear volunteers, we wish you all a great time and thrilling experience!

Friday, June 22, 2012

 Kids in England are ready to have some fun with Alliance Anniversary volunteers
starts on Saturday 23.6.

Oak Grove College is a recently built special school for children aged 11 - 18 years with a wide range of disabilities from severe learning difficulties to behavioural problems to physical disabilities. For the last four years international volunteers have been invited to help create a beautiful environment for the children and this year Oak Grove College would like to continue this work.
This year international volunteers will work alongside pupils with special needs on horticulture, hard landscaping and creative tasks. They will be working alongside children making outdoor sculptures and help develop gardens in the grounds.

See the location on the map - here the volunteers meet for the workcamp that lasts from 23.6. to 7.7.2012.

This project is organized by:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Group of international volunteers are coming to Serbia today to clean woods around Trsic from the garbage

The workcamp is a joint initiative of several local partner organizations working together on introducing the spirit of voluntarism and developing and improving rural and eco-tourism in Trsic (see the map). The goal is to educate local people and motivate them to be active citizens in preserving the nature and other values for the sake of generations to come.
Volunteers will spend the time together from 18.6. to 30.6.2012 by cleaning the woods from garbage, clearing the vegetation, placing resting wooden benches, making and placing info boards, marking the walking paths which are connecting Vuk’s house and 5km distant XIV century Tronosa monastery.

Great job to be done at another of the 30th Alliance Anniversary Camp!

This project is organized by:

Friday, June 15, 2012

First workcamp of 30th Alliance Anniversary Campaing start this week in Germany,
and in Switzerland!


15 Alliance volunteers are coming on June 11th to set up and run the drumming festival Rakatak which has been visited by around 7000 visitors in the previous years.
Another task of this project will be designing, creating and renovating on the grounds of the youth club MAXIM and maintenance works in the climate garden of the youth club.

 This project is hosted by a German organisation Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.V.  in Berlin (see on the map)

 From 16th to 30th of June volunteers from different countries will come together to Passugg-Araschgen in Switzerland to support a hotel for ordninary tourists which functions as a centre for cultural and educative belongings and a meeting place for people with impaired hearing.


The aim of this Workcamp is to clean the surrounding after the long snowy winter. Volunteers will prepare the house and the surrounding for the main season, restore the foot path to the drinking hall, they will set up a herb garden and will help out in the hotel (kitchen, rooms).
The workshop for volunteers about sign language will take place.

Have a good time everyone at Passugg-Araschgen (see the location on the map)!!!

This project is hosted by a Swiss organisation Workcamp Switzerland

Thursday, June 14, 2012

iCamp. Do you?

For the 30th anniversary of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations

YAP Italy invites volunteers to create a short video together to promote international workcamps

: iDea
Why participate in a workcamp? Because it's fun. Because you travel and you see other countries. Because you meet new friends ... Or maybe not?
We want to hear from you, volunteers, why you decided to have this experience. Your motivations and expectations, the reasons that pushed you to discover the world through volunteer projects.

We would like to collect 30 interviews for a short video "iCamp. Do you? 30 reasons to take part in a workcamp" which will also become an important tool to promote international workcamps.

Afterwards it will be shown on the YAP Italy’s POSTCAMP Event (October 2012) and to our international partners during the General Assembly of Alliance (November 2012).

What to do?
Record some short interviews with participants of your workcamp answering one simple question:

Why did you decide to take part in this project?

Please make sure that the answer begins with Because...”

• The interviews can be in English or in the language of the volunteer; if so please send us the translation in English for subtitles.
• Along with the interviews we ask you to provide the following information: the name of the interviewee, the country of origin, the code of the project and the country where it took place.
• As the video files are too heavy to be sent by mail we suggest you to use this website to upload your interviews: WeTransfer ( The email address is:
• The interviews should be received by September 20, 2012 so we can edit the final video in time for POSTCAMP Event.

iCamp. Do you?

Friday, June 8, 2012

First camps of the 30th Alliance Anniversray campaing
starting soon

Almost 600 volunteers will soon travel to 21 countries to take part in one of the 44 Alliance Anniversary voluntary projects.

Do you know where the Anniversary workcamps take place?

Check the list of all the exciting projects below and follow our blog for more details.


  • VJF Germany 30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Maxim (VJF 3.4)
  • Workcamp Switzerland
    16.6.-30.6.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - One world    (WS12FP)
  • Young Researchers of Serbia – Voluntary Service of Serbia:
    18.6.-1.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMPaign - EKO KAMP TRSIC     (VSS01)
  •  Concordia UK:
    23.6.-7.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMPOAK GROVE COLLEGE   (CONCUK08) 
  • Association Nationale Compagnons Bâtisseurs France:
    30.6.-15.7.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP @ Mettray       (CBF05)


  • COCAT Catalunya, Spain:
    1.7.-15.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - THE RIVER IN THE CITY (CAT 02)
  • IBG Germany:
    1.7.-23.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Kohlberg  (Bavaria)       (IBG 30)
  • INEX Slovakia:
    1.7.-31.8.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - INEX Messenger    (INEX)
  • CIEEJ Japan:
    2.7.-14.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Iwate reconstruction 2012    (CIEEJ1202)
  • Concordia France:
    6.7.-27.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - WIMEREUX     (CONC 155)
  • FAGAD Togo
    6.7.-27.7.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Education and leisure activities for children    (FAGAD03)
  • Volunteers For Peace USA:
    7.7.-28.7.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP-GREENING UP THE PARKS, VERMONT (VFP07-12) 
  • Volunteers For Peace USA:
    8.7.-22.7.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - BEAUTIFUL SCHOOL, VERMONT       (VFP10-12)
  • Jeunesse et Reconstruction France:
    8.7.-28.7.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - ISSOIRE    (JR12/108)
  • Volunteers For Peace USA:
    8.7.-29.7.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - BUILDING BRIDGES, VERMONT      (VFP09-12)
  • UNAREC France:
    10.7.-24.7.2012   30th Alliance Anniversary Camp – International Village Montaigu-le-Blin 1    (U20-A)
  • YAP Italy:   
    14.7.-28.7.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - SAN GIORGIO A CREMANO    (CPI 10)
  • Volunteers For Peace USA:
    14.7.-28.7.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP-KIDS PEACE CAMP, NEW HAMPSHIRE (VFP12-12)
  • Genctur Turkey:
    19.7.-3.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - MANISA       (GEN-23)
  • UNA Exchange UK:
    21.7.-3.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Maes yr Haf    (UNAS03)
  • Union Forum Ukraine:   
    21.7.-4.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP -MULTICULTURE THROUGH AGES    (UF-03)
  • Volunteers For Peace USA:
    21.7.-12.8.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP-SHARING CULTURE WITH YOUTH, VERMONT     (VFP15-12)
  • INEX-SDA  Czech Republic:
    22.7.-5.8.2012        30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP at Castle Kynzvart    (SDA 206)
  • UNAREC France:
    25.7.-8.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary Camp – International Village Montaigu-le-Blin 2    (U20-B)
  • CIEEJ Japan:
    26.7.-7.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - in Hiroshima    (CIEEJ1212)
  • Alternative-V Ukraine:
    29.7.-11.8.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary camp  - Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky    (Alt-10)
  • IBG Germany:
    29.7.-15.8.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Donauwörth (Bavaria)     (IBG 16)
  • De Amicitia Spain:
    30.7.-16.8.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary - CAMP DONKEY CARAVAN    (ESDA-02)


  • Good Deeds Case Russia:
    5.8.-18.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - We are EcoFriendly    (GDC-4)
  • IWO South Korea:
    6.8.-18.8.2012       30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - RE-CREATOR    (IWO-81)
  • Compagnon Batisseur Belgium:
    6.8.-18.8.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Miradors for animal observation - Chevetogne    (CBB 09)
  • Solidarités Jeunesses Vietnam:
    7.8.-17.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP   - WHV – Ha Long Bay
  • UNAREC France:
    9.8.-23.8.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary Camp – International Village Montaigu-le-Blin 3    (U20-C) 
  • HUJ Armenia:
    10.8.-24.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - REHABILITATION CENTRE                   (HUJ 4) 
  • FYIE Poland:   
    11.8.-25.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - WIELISZEW    (FIYE  210)
  • IBG Germany:
    12.8.-26.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Potsdam     (IBG 19)
  • SFERA Russia: 
    12.8.-25.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - JUMP TO ENGLISH     (SFERA-20)
  • Xchange Scotland UK:    
    12.8.-26.8.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - GOVAN TOGETHER    (XS-05-12)
  • NICE Japan:
    15.8.-28.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Kita-kyushu    (NICE/12-67)
  • De Amicitia Spain:
    17.8.-31.8.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - SAND PATH   (ESDA-08)
  • JAVVA Belgium:  
    18.8.-1.9.2012      30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Vévy Wéron Farm - Wépion    (JAVVA10)
  • Volunteers For Peace USA:
    2.8.-13.9.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - COSTAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT, MAINE     (VFP24-12)
  • GSM Turkey:   
    24.8.-8.9.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP+ Buyuksehir/Mersin    (GSM13)
  • SIW Netherlands:  
    25.8.-8.9.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - State Forestry - Oudemolen    (SIW 12-03)


  • Volunteers For Peace USA:2.9.-16.9.2012    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - KIDS AND OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, VERMONT  (VFP26-12)
  • C.i.A Greece:
    6.9.-21.9.2012     30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Akrotiri   (C.i.A 04)