Tuesday, September 11, 2012

International volunteers are enjoying their final week in both the USA and Greece for our last two Alliance Anniversary camps!! Thank you to everyone for celebrating this special year!

USA: 30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Kids and outdoor activities, Vermont, 02.9.-16.9.2012
Belmont is a beautiful, rural community on a lake at 600 meters elevation in the Green Mountains of Central Vermont. Belmont is a small but very active community with many local events.
Volunteers are working with members of the Mount Holly educational community to revise the Mt. Holly Schools nature trail.  Volunteers will also assist teachers with daily classroom activities and have the opportunity to design and paint a mural in the school with the students.  Volunteers will be working with the elementary students (ages 5 to 12) and the school community.

Greece: 30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Akrotiri, 06.9.-21.9.2012
Volunteers are helping to renovate a path leading from the  Akrotiri village to the archaeological site. Organising intercultural and environmental awareness through activities for the local people, especially the youngsters. Akrotiri village is located 15 Km away from Fira city in Santorini island. The first habitation at the site dates from the Late Neolithic times (at least the 4th millenium B.C.) and it has been famous worldwide for its archaeological site, the most important prehistoric settlements of the Aegean (20th-17th centuries B.C.).