Monday, July 30, 2012

Can donkeys take part in the Alliance Anniversary campaign?
Yep, even that is possible during the Donkey Caravan in Spain...

Participants of De Amicitia project will prepare a street theatre with clear environmental message, adding their own creative performances (dance, music, joggling, singing,...). They will be sharing ideas and creating a really spectacular extravaganza in each village they visit along the way. The message the participants will be spreading will be one of environmentalism and creativity. After which, we shall head off on our caravan with our donkeys! We will stop at each village and perform our shows and workshops which we have prepared. The local people can then share their thoughts of environmentalism, donkeys and the workshops we are doing. We will stay in each village we perform in, with tents, and meet lots of interesting people along the way.

See the project location on the map.

Organized by:
Organising Intercultural exhibition and Scouts' party, renovating open-air walkway, guiding visitors - souds like a busy days are for IBG volunteers at 30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP at Donauwörth (Bavaria)

The volunteers are given the chance to organize a small exhibition which will be open to everybody interested in other nations and cultures. Apart from this intercultural exhibition, the volunteers will help the city of Donauwörth renovating an open-air walkway with statues and paintings.
The group has two main tasks: the renovation of a cloister and the organization of the intercultural exposition. The renovation works include the restoration of paintings, gardening, repairing wooden embankments, clearing out weeds. They will be guided by municipal gardeners. During the first week, the volunteers will create a concept for the exposition and decide which elements should be part of their exhibition (pictures, performances, discussion forum, movies, etc.). The exact content of the exhibition depends on the ideas of the participants. During the second week, the exhibition will be open to the public. The volunteers will act as guides for the visitors. At the end of the exhibition the volunteers will organize a party at the scouts centre.                      

Project is organized by:
Alliance volunteers restoring the Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture in Pereyaslav-Khmelnystskyy, Ukraine

The camp is situated in the suburban part of Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy. This town has rich history and a lot of places to see. It is situated on the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers in Ukraine - the Dnieper, 100 km to the south-east of Kyiv – the capital of Ukraine. Pereyaslav-Khmelnystskyy is one of the most important place in Ukrainian history.  Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy has existed since the 10th century. It was a border stronghold of the Kievan Rus state but was overrun by Tatars in 1239. The town began to recover in the 16th century and emerged as a site of Ukrainian Cossack culture. In 1654, Bohdan Khmelnytskyi and his Cossacks met at Pereyaslav to agree that Ukraine, for protection against Poland, become a protectorate of Russia – breakdown in the Ukrainian history.

Open-air Museum of Folk Architecture is integral part of national Ukrainian heritage and is protected by special law. We continue the 15 year project, repairing the historical objects and cultural monuments, participating in the work on the territory of the historic and cultural recreation area in Pereyaslav-Khmelnytskyy. Volunteers will help the workers of the Museum of Ukrainian Folk Architecture through different activities to restore the museum exhibits and to clean the territory of the museum.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Hiroshima   

This camp is organized by two different groups. One is a specified non-profit organization “Yomogi no atelier” which offers many kinds of domestic services to the aged or physically/socially handicapped people, and another is an artists’ group called “NPO Project Now” with their activities based in Hiroshima, and their object is to organize an event aimed for atomic-bombed day this year, showing the productions worked out on a concept “Atomic weapons and I”. The first half of the camp will be dedicated to the work of Yomogi no atelier, and the latter half will be with the artists’ group.

A group of international volunteers will do:
・Agricultural work and making lunch boxes  (at NPO Yomogi no atelier)
・Assisting English teaching class for teenagers (at NPO Yomogi no atelier)
・Experiencing Japanese culture (at Mrs, Todo’s house. Mrs.Todo is one of the host families)
・Preparation for an event on 06/08  (NPO Project NOW!)
・Preparing the venue for the event of Peace Camp, pitching up tents, and cleaning the venue when the event is over. (with NPO Project NOW!)
・Participating in the Peace Memorial Service and other related services (with NPO Project NOW!)

Organised from 26.7. to 7.8.2012 by:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Today, July 25, is not just the 207th day of the year 2012 .... is also a day when UNAREC 30th Alliance Anniversary workcamp STARTS!

Since summer 2002, workcamps have begun to protect the Montaigu-le-Blin’s castle – which has been listed as a Historical Monument. Thanks to your involvement, we would like to stop the damages caused by bad weather and vegetation, and eventually, give back to the castle the important part it used to play (openings to the public, guided tours, heritage linked activities…).
Volunteers will focus on restoring a part of the lower courtyard : repointing, cutting back into the old joints, coloring -at human height (no scaffolding) -on the entry wall; building again the wall, repointing, lime coating - on a scaffold - on the surrounding wall; valorizing a staircase (clearing the steps, clearing off the vegetation). you will also participate to painting the castle’s gate and start the restoration of a wooden house used for welcoming public.
Village Montaigu-le-Blin - see on the map.  

This project is organized by:

Friday, July 20, 2012

Look at the pictures from the Alliance Anniversary workcamp in Trsic, Serbia and read what volunteers wish for:

1. I wish that everybody takes part, once in their life, in a multicultural meeting.
2. I wish all the people find a happy life without prejudges.
3. Go volunteering! Try something different!

4. I wish to raise people's awareness about volunteering opportunities available.
5. Empathy, Solidarity, Ethics, Morality, Nature, Tolerance, Love, Take care of the Earth,  Volunteering
6.I wish Earth will be the BEST planet to live in the whole UNIVERSE.

  7. I wish everybody has the opportunity to travel and meet people belonging to different cultures.
8. I wish people got more committed and involved in acting for general good in local communities.
9. I wish all people around the world was HAPPY.
10. I wish that the next generation can also enjoy nature.
11. I wish all people became more and more open-minded and went to foreign countries not only as a tourist but really tried to become part of the country and its people.

12. I wish people liked other people and was able to see them in a positive way.

13. I wish everyone in the EU taste feta with olive oil and oregano from Greece and after some pljeskavica from Serbia.

14. I wish not just to wish but to be active and give my message to others through this writing.
15. I wish people became more open-minded and responsible in their actions.
16. I wish we all respected nature as the nature will return the respect to us!

Young Researches of Serbia
 4 countries + 4 organisations + 4 workcamps = 40 volunteers joining one of the 30th Alliance Anniversary projects starting this weekend

 30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Maes yr Haf , Wales, UK 21.7.-3.8.2012
A group of local people in the town of Trealaw have been working together for over twenty years to organise a summer play scheme for the young people (5-14 years) in the area. The play scheme takes place at the Maes yr Haf community centre. Local children look forward to the arrival of the international volunteers every year and this project provides local children with the chance to meet people from different cultures.
Volunteers will help to set up activities, run activities and to tidy up.
See project location on the map. 

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP -Multiculture through ages in Ukraine      21.7.-4.8.2012
Brody is a town in Lviv region (30 000  inhabitants). It has long and interesting history, beginning in 1084.  This project aims to support local museum in collecting and preparing materials for investigation of Brody cultural heritage.
Volunteers are welcomed to help in maintenance of the old historical part of the Jewish cemetery. Work will consist of two parts: manual and creative. Manual Part will include paths tidying from dry twigs, leaves and fallen trees; clearing of ancient graves from shrubberies and self sowed plants (grass, bushes), improvement of  fences, benches. Next step will be making photos and creating catalog of these historical objects. This work will be very useful for museum,  using these materials they will explore interesting and unknown facts about people and their culture in XIX century. In the end of the camp it is planned to organize an exhibition about the oldest graves of the cemetery, their history and workshop with local people about town development.
See project location on the map.


30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Sharing culture with youth, Vermont, USA 21.7.-12.8.2012  
KING STREET CENTER, BURLINGTON, VERMONT is hosting its 6th group of international volunteers. King Street is a not- for-profit organization located in the heart of Burlington that annually serves more than 500 children and families. Our high quality programs build academic skills, improve physical fitness, and develop the fortitude needed to succeed at home, in school, and in life.
Volunteers will will assist staff with daily activities including prepping program spaces, planning daily activities, serving snack and lunch, and  cleaning up at the end of the day.  There will be opportunities for volunteers to plan and implement activities based on some of their own interests and/or games or activities from their own countries.
See project location on the map.


30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP at Castle Kynzvart, Czech Republic   22.7.-5.8.2012
The workcamp takes place at the site of the famous castle Kynzvart, which belonged to the councillor Metternich in the 19th century. The neo-classical castle has a charming park and an amazing history, which goes back to the 13th century. The volunteers will work in the castle park and in the surrounding forest park. They will mainly perform maintenance and gardening tasks such as cleaning paths, weeding, removing fallen branches and leaves, making wood etc.
See project location on the map.
 Genctur volunteers are painting the facades of the houses in the Terziler village in Turkey. 

A bunch of 15 volunteers from many countries met in Instanbul yesterday to travel together toTerziler - small village in Selendi-Manisa in the west of Turkey - see on the map.
Here they start their project - painting the facedes of the local houses.
We are looking forward to see their work on pictures after... :)

This project is organized by:

"iCamp. Do you?" at San Giorgio a Cremano - see the video and pictures from the Yap Italy worcamp CPI10

Many motivated volunteers were working on different techniques of using recycling materials as old computers' details to create different accessories and installations. They also promoted this kind of sustainable design among local people of the town. And of course the idea is to highlight the involvement of Alliance as a global network into the promotion of sustainable and eco-friendly development. 

Follow our blog in next days - pictures and quotes from the WISH TREE are coming soon.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Volunteers support activities of the Youth Center about Human Rights and Peace Education at the 30th Alliance Anniversary workcamp in Italy

In 2006 the city council of San Giorgio a Cremano started a working program with local youth about education for a culture of peace in cooperation with YAP. Schools and local youth organizations were involved in several activities on peace. The city officially supports MDG, No Excuse 2015, Youth for Human Rights campaigns. This July ( 14.-28.07.2012) a group of 14 volunteers from all over the world continue to support local activities.

Project is organized by:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What is happening in France these days?
3 Alliance Anniversary projects host nearly 50 volunteers!

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - WIMEREUX     6.7.-27.7.2012The “Fort de la Creche” is an old military base in front of the sea situated between Boulogne and Wimereux. Since several years the organization called “Le Conservatoire du Littoral” takes care of the coast with the objective of protecting it. They cooperate with a local association in charge of the “Fort de la Crèche” to value the military base and in the future to open it to the public. Since five years we are helping them in this task and we will continue this year. The volunteers will continue to secure one track that leads to the military base in order to continue to value the remaining fortifications. The work will be also inside the building mainly on the reconstruction of one of its parts.
See project location on the map.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - ISSOIRE    8.7.-28.7.2012   
For 31 years now, the town of Issoire has hosted the regional office of Jeunesse et Reconstruction and also several work camps.
This year, the workcamp is a part of an environmental awareness campaign for the town-center inhabitants. The town of Issoire has several small streams, called “béal” in French (used by inhabitants to water their gardens) which are polluted by trashes. You will have two missions:
1/Upkeeping of the “béal”: cleaning trashes, cleaning the bed of the streams, putting stones in the stream’s bed to facilitate the water flow, laying out the banks.
2/Environmental awareness campaign for the inhabitants of the town-center: signs near the “béals; mailings; environmental stand during the green market day (on Saturday morning); all other environmental actions that you’d like to organise.
See project location on the map.

30th Alliance Anniversary Camp – International Village Montaigu-le-Blin 1    10.7.2012 - 24.7.2012
Since summer 2002, workcamps have begun to protect the Montaigu-le-Blin’s castle – which has been listed as a Historical Monument. Thanks to your involvement, we would like to stop the damages caused by bad weather and vegetation, and eventually, give back to the castle the important part it used to play (openings to the public, guided tours, heritage linked activities…).
Volunteers will focus on restoring a part of the lower courtyard : repointing, cutting back into the old joints, coloring -at human height (no scaffolding) -on the entry wall; building again the wall, repointing, lime coating - on a scaffold - on the surrounding wall; valorizing a staircase (clearing the steps, clearing off the vegetation). you will also participate to painting the castle’s gate and start the restoration of a wooden house used for welcoming public.      
See project location on the map.

Volunteers for Peace are cleaning, painting, mowing, planting, restoring, removing, constructing, rebuilding and mainly caring in Vermont, USA 

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - GREENING UP THE PARKS, VERMONT     7.7.-28.7.2012   
BURLINGTON PARKS AND RECREATION and VOLUNTEERS FOR PEACE, BURLINGTON, VERMONT  are teaming up for this 30th Anniversary project.  Volunteers will spend time working in five different parks in the greater Burlington area.
In 1983 one of VFP s first workcamps took place in Burlington with the Parks and Recreation Department. The volunteers moved some of the first stones to make our 20 mile bike path. This year volunteers will help with the renovation of the bike path and with maintenance and upkeep of the many parks in Burlington. Work may include planting trees, removing unwanted plants, making signs, planting flowers, identification and removal of invasive species, park beautification, boardwalk construction and more. The camp will conclude with the Annual Senior Adult Picnic.  The Parks and Recreation Department also oversees many festivals during the summer and volunteers may assist at those as well.
See the project location on the Alliance Anniversary map.
30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - BEAUTIFUL SCHOOL, VERMONT       8.7.-22.7.2012
"ORCHARD VALLEY WALDORF SCHOOL is a nursery through grade eight primary school located on 55 acres on the pristine Kingsbury Branch of the Winooski River in East Montpelier, Vermont, approximately 13 miles from Montpelier, Vermont s capital. One of the distinctive qualities of the school is its beautiful rural location and its dedication to nurturing and educating children in a natural and holistic manner.
Volunteers' work will involve the care, maintenance and improvement of the existing orchard, gardens, playgrounds, and the endangered species trail; cleaning, painting and organizing the school buildings; and basic carpentry and maintenance of the playground structures and various outbuildings.
See the project location on the Alliance Anniversary map.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - BUILDING BRIDGES, VERMONT      8.7.-29.7.2012
At the 16th annual workcamp with the MONTPELIER PARKS DEPARTMENT, MONTPELIER, VERMONT we hope to build a new trail connecting the center of the community to the city s largest office buildings which reside near the top of a hill, creating a trail through a hillside forest. The project will involve the construction of stone steps up a steep hillside. We may also rebuild the wood portion of a bridge that crosses a river. Both these projects require state permits, we may or may not be able to obtain so the group may end up working on other projects. Other major projects could include trail restoration work in remote sections of the parks, general park maintenance such as mowing lawns and restoring drainage ditches.
See the project location on the Alliance Anniversary map.

 One of the Alliance Anniversary Camps is now taking place in Togo

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Education and leisure activities for children  
The objective of this camp is to help children discover others with their culture and their way of life, to offer them means of  blossoming apart from those the usually have and to deliver parents for some few hours during the camp.
Volunteers will supervise children in a variety of domains: in particular, in several areas organizing a program of games, artisan activities, sketching, educational support, and guided visits.
Volunteers are at Kpélé-Adéta from 6.7.-27.7.2012  - see the location on the map.

Project is hosted by  Frères AGriculteurs et Artisans pour le Développement (FAGAD)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Volunteers of The 30th Alliance Anniversary Campaign help in Yamada-town in Japan which was destroyed in the last year tsunami disaster

On Monday July 2nd group of international volunteers came to Soto Ryushoji temple to play with children of the kindergartens, support the local people at the temporary community center in the area and do some reconstruction work.

Yamada-town was hit by the earthquake and tsunami on 11/03/2011, and is still suffering from tremendous damages that the disaster left. Tsunami assailed the town after destroying the breakwater which was 1m thick and 8m high. Fire broke out after Tsunami, and it burnt down the whole town. As of July 2011, about 600 deaths, 300 missing and approximately 2,600 refugees live in a shelter. (The population before Tsunami was 18,000.)
Local host plans this program to show children of the town how people all over the world are concerned for us. It will brighten up the children, enhancing their will to live, and making them look forward to their far future again.
Soto Ryushoji temple has 2 kindergartens and the office of Yamada International Association (dormant at the moment, due to the earthquake). The chief priest, Rev. Shimizu is the head director of the association. Therefore, Ryushoji temple is rightly the base of intercultural activities in the area. They often accept and support people from other countries and send local people abroad. Ever since the earthquake the temple has been serving as a “shelter” for all people who suffer, and they welcome any volunteers for the reconstruction of the town from all over the world.   

See on the map where the volunteers are at the moment.

This project is organized by: