Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alliance volunteers will be busy renovating and working on an organic farm 
30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - Vévy Wéron Farm - Wépion, Belgium, 18.8.-1.9.2012

Vévy Wéron farm is a square farm surrounded by grassland, streams, orchards, ponds and organic cultures. For 25 years, a great community life of 40 people has developed. Everyone in the community are willing to create a friendly and organic place to live. The community chose to live following rules of conduct; respect for the environment; conflict management; mutual aid and the joy of living together,...
Volunteers will be involved in renovating a building of the farm, in order to create a public workshop for different types of crafts: insulation - floor - wooden construction. Some volunteers may also help to the others daily farm’s activities : vegetables growing, goat’s cheese, bakery.

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