Friday, June 29, 2012

Do you know what CBF France, COCAT Catalunya and IBG Germany have in common?

Their Alliance Anniversary workcamps start this weekend!

What will exactly happen and where?
Read about the projects below and don't forget to check the map.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP @ Mettray, France will welcome 14 international volunteers tomorrow, June 30th.
The ‘Youth village’ in Mettray is a former penal colony, formally known as ‘La Paternelle’. Created in the 19th century, it is now a medical and professional institute which hosts up to one hundred young people. This place is classified as a historical monument. International workcamps have been organised at this place in the past. Volunteers will follow the renovation work along with local young people who are facing difficulties or handicap. It’s necessary to know that you will work and spend free time with the young people (15-17 years old) from the institute.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP - THE RIVER IN THE CITY
takes place from 1.7.to15.7.2012 in the Delta of Llobregat, Spain, with the objective to conserve and improve the natural spaces of the Llobregat river and the natural reserve of Remolar Filipines. Both areas are managed by the Consorci per la ProtecciĆ³ dels Espais Naturals del Parc Fluvial del riu Ripoll.
Volunteers' work will be:
1. Interventions with the aim to improve the environmental state of the natural areas of the Delta. 
2. Collaboration on the projects of conservation and management of flora and fauna of the Natural Areas of the Delta. 
3. Environmental awareness actions  about the importance of wetlands and agricultural spaces as environmental specially vulnerable areas.

30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Kohlberg  (Bavaria)  will welcome 15 volunteers from 23.7.2012.
This project takes place in cooperation with the municipality of Kohlberg. It is the first time they invite an international workcamp to help with the construction of a local playground.
The construction includes tasks such as putting up wooden play scheme equipments, plastering the ground, putting up seats and benches and carrying out general improvements. Volunteers will support all these working processes and your work will be supervised by a professional gardener. Besides, some painting tasks on local soccer field are waiting for the group.

Dear volunteers, we wish you all a great time and thrilling experience!

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