Thursday, July 26, 2012

    30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP in Hiroshima   

This camp is organized by two different groups. One is a specified non-profit organization “Yomogi no atelier” which offers many kinds of domestic services to the aged or physically/socially handicapped people, and another is an artists’ group called “NPO Project Now” with their activities based in Hiroshima, and their object is to organize an event aimed for atomic-bombed day this year, showing the productions worked out on a concept “Atomic weapons and I”. The first half of the camp will be dedicated to the work of Yomogi no atelier, and the latter half will be with the artists’ group.

A group of international volunteers will do:
・Agricultural work and making lunch boxes  (at NPO Yomogi no atelier)
・Assisting English teaching class for teenagers (at NPO Yomogi no atelier)
・Experiencing Japanese culture (at Mrs, Todo’s house. Mrs.Todo is one of the host families)
・Preparation for an event on 06/08  (NPO Project NOW!)
・Preparing the venue for the event of Peace Camp, pitching up tents, and cleaning the venue when the event is over. (with NPO Project NOW!)
・Participating in the Peace Memorial Service and other related services (with NPO Project NOW!)

Organised from 26.7. to 7.8.2012 by:

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