Friday, July 20, 2012

Look at the pictures from the Alliance Anniversary workcamp in Trsic, Serbia and read what volunteers wish for:

1. I wish that everybody takes part, once in their life, in a multicultural meeting.
2. I wish all the people find a happy life without prejudges.
3. Go volunteering! Try something different!

4. I wish to raise people's awareness about volunteering opportunities available.
5. Empathy, Solidarity, Ethics, Morality, Nature, Tolerance, Love, Take care of the Earth,  Volunteering
6.I wish Earth will be the BEST planet to live in the whole UNIVERSE.

  7. I wish everybody has the opportunity to travel and meet people belonging to different cultures.
8. I wish people got more committed and involved in acting for general good in local communities.
9. I wish all people around the world was HAPPY.
10. I wish that the next generation can also enjoy nature.
11. I wish all people became more and more open-minded and went to foreign countries not only as a tourist but really tried to become part of the country and its people.

12. I wish people liked other people and was able to see them in a positive way.

13. I wish everyone in the EU taste feta with olive oil and oregano from Greece and after some pljeskavica from Serbia.

14. I wish not just to wish but to be active and give my message to others through this writing.
15. I wish people became more open-minded and responsible in their actions.
16. I wish we all respected nature as the nature will return the respect to us!

Young Researches of Serbia

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