Monday, July 30, 2012

Organising Intercultural exhibition and Scouts' party, renovating open-air walkway, guiding visitors - souds like a busy days are for IBG volunteers at 30th Alliance Anniversary CAMP at Donauwörth (Bavaria)

The volunteers are given the chance to organize a small exhibition which will be open to everybody interested in other nations and cultures. Apart from this intercultural exhibition, the volunteers will help the city of Donauwörth renovating an open-air walkway with statues and paintings.
The group has two main tasks: the renovation of a cloister and the organization of the intercultural exposition. The renovation works include the restoration of paintings, gardening, repairing wooden embankments, clearing out weeds. They will be guided by municipal gardeners. During the first week, the volunteers will create a concept for the exposition and decide which elements should be part of their exhibition (pictures, performances, discussion forum, movies, etc.). The exact content of the exhibition depends on the ideas of the participants. During the second week, the exhibition will be open to the public. The volunteers will act as guides for the visitors. At the end of the exhibition the volunteers will organize a party at the scouts centre.                      

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